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You will find an empty project but with 15 prepared Audio-channels:
- 5 channels for Strings / - 5 channels Woodwinds / - 5 channels for percussion instruments.

All of these channels per project contain a “Stereo-With Effect” and a Studio-EQ with the (typical) adjustments for the corresponding instrument.
The audio channels are routed to a sum channel (group). One for the Strings, one for the Woodwinds and one for the Brass instruments. Further, each of these sum channels is

routed through its corresponding depth.
The depths are created with the Reverb plugin “REVerence”. The template is optimized for chamber- or symphonic ensembles. Of course, you can also use each place in the concert room for any other instrument. But, you should probably change the EQ-settings in case of changing instruments.


Simply save the project into a folder of your choice. If you open the project you are able to import corresponding audio files into the definite audio tracks or ...

you are going to save parts of the mixer. Select for example all strings (audio-channels) and save the mixer part as “strings-Viol1-Viol2-Viola-Cello-Bass”


Orchestra Layout Audiomixer (compl.) Pre installed Audio Tracks


Group Channels (Sums + Depths) How to load Audifiles into the Mixer?
Image from "Orchestra Templates"
How to save Parts of the Mixer?