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Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)
Lots of "Sample-Libraries" around natural instruments

Elven Moods:
Music played by VSL-Products, VSL Podcasts

Musik-Verlag Hörz,
Noten für Chor, Lied und Instrumentalmusik!

Bei Edition HDS erhalten Sie Instrumentalmusik für
Symphonisches Blasorch., Blechbläser-Ensemble,
Kammer-Ensemble u.v.m Edition HDS

At Musesamples: A top Classical Concert Guitar Library!
A top classical concert guitar was used to produce this first class Kontakt library (24 Bit quality) called Authentic Guitar.

William Kersten
Composer, Demos for VSL

Classical Midi Archives
Lots of Midis around the classical-music

VST-PlugIns, Music-Electronic-News, ...

Free impulses for Convolution-Reverbs

Echo Chamber Studio
Free impulses for Convolution-Reverbs

The Choral Public Domain Library!
One of the world's largest free sheet music sites: Scores, texts, translations...

The home of Cubase SX, Halion, The Grand, ....

Homepage of the Samplitude-program

Midi-Files search-engine

Free Convolution Reverb

Altiverb Home Page

VST Effects (EQ, Compressors, etc.)

VST Effects (Limiters, Compressors, EQs etc.)

Free VST PlugIns
Free VST PlugIns (Effects and Instruments)

Little films and other explanings about ever music instrument of a symph. orch.

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With this links you are leaving my website. You take responsibility for that.