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Tutorial "How to mix an Orchestra"

Mixing an Orchestra

There are hundreds of "Mixing Videos" in the net and you also can find lots of books about this theme. But the tips are often far away from your situation because...
All those tutorials are about mixing drums, vocals or guitar - but never about mixing orchestras played with samples.

This Tutorial will explain how to mix audio tracks, built with orchestra samples.
It helps to optimize your home studio, your listening situation
It guides you through all the tasks which are leading to a good mix
It explains the most important effects hand how to use them
It offers audio material of whole pieces for using/practicing the theory.
It offers exercises in connection with the treated themes.
It explains different approaches, problems, traps around mixing.
It also shows - beside the use - "the traps" with effects...
It offers images, videos and audio examples of used effects in mixes.
It shows often used solutions with several effects.
It is removed from certain products.
It will contain a lot of experiences, collected over 15 years "using samples"

It does not give dB-figures, compressing factors or any other values it will show the theory and offer exercises, hints and suitable audio- material for increasing your abilities!

It does not show "how to use MIR" or other "complete solutions" and it does not cover the use of samples.

The tutorial will increase your
abilities and your knowledge about mixing orchestra samples.

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Here you will see the content of the tutorial.
(state: June 2017)
Klick on the image for studying it more detailled...
The tutorial is specially opened for the section "effects".

The image here does not show the final content! Finally it will be more expanded...

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Tutorial Languages


The tutorial will also contain small videos for making certain matters easily clear to you...

Example about ...
"How to find the balance within a section of instruments":

Unfortunately the release of the new tutorial will be later than originally announced. I'm very sorry for this bad message.
Because I am a self-employed business man I often have a bit too much "daily-works" so projects - as the tutorial is - grow slower.

So a new realistic release could be summer of 2018

Price of the Tutorial

All this knowledge and experinences collected in this tutorial together with audio tracks for mixing will cost you only the price of around 1 private lesson.

Leider verzögerte sich das publizieren des Tutorials gegenüber dem ursprünglichen Termin. Tut mir echt leid. Als Selbständiger wird man leider oft vom Tagesgeschäft "verschluckt".
Solche "Nebenprojekte" müssen dann leider hinten anstehen.

Neuer realistischer Veröffentlichungstermin: SOMMER 2018.


All das Wissen und die Erfahrungen zum Thema "Mixing an Orchestra", zusammen mit den Audiotracks, um das Mischen zu lernen, wird im Rahmen einer einzigen Privat-Lektion liegen.


The tutorial will com as a html-file so that you can browse trhough it as you are used to with websites. It is probably the most compatible format for all the computer systems around the world.

Tutorial Content / Inhalt: Content_Inhalt_Mixing_Tutorial.pdf [159 KB]

See also here: Files (Downloads for Mixing an Orchestra)
Reference-Tracks Beat Kaufmann (German Site, right bar)