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History of "Tutorial VST"

Tutorial VSL 1.51
New created HTML-File 2016
Some Plugins didn't work anymore with new browsers (Audio, Video, Changing Images etc.).
Lightbox-Effekt removed
An old effect which didn't work anymore with some Browsers.
Also: Nowadays modern Browsers open images automatically in a new Pop-Up-Frame which can closed again.
The will be played directly by your browser (HTML5) and no more with an Adobe Plugin which was unsafe and old.
Unfortunately the videos are saved as "flv-files" which are not playable in general with every browser.
So they are currently inserted as a Link to the Download-Folder of this tutorial and not anymore as a plugin.
Could be that you need to install a flv-Player for watching them.

Tutorial VSL, 1.50
(free for all users of older versions)
Tutorial VSL is adapted to the new "Basic Vienna Instrument". This mainly concerns Chapter 4 and Chapter 7.
Some original images are not changed to the new GUI.
That's why some images in connection with VE still are showing the "old VI" as an inserted instrument.
So it stands for any other VSTi which is OK in my view.
- The Suite Effects got the new Gonio-Meter of the SUITE EFFECTS.
- I changed the comparing sites "(old) VI<>VIPro" into VI-VI2012-VIPro
So we are able to compare the old GUI with the new one of 2012.
VIPro is now explained as well in its basic application - in its use.
The additional features of VIPro are nicely showed with videos at VSL, so that I think it isn't necessary to expand the tutorial as well.
- at "Links"
Some general improvements
Info about Chapter 14 (MIR):
Chapter 14 stays as it is for the moment. Because we have all months new development steps I'm able to produce sensible updates here.
Nevertheless, I believe that chapter 14 gives an overview what MIR is and how it works even if its use has got some changes.
(Integrated within VE,...)

Tutorial VSL, V1.00
(free for all users of older versions)
- Tutorial 2009 is now Tutorial VSL
- Design
- Chapter "Suite-Hybrid Reverb" (the use, creating depths)
- Chapter "VSL Vienna Instrument Pro", Part1
- Some general improvements
- Improved indroduction into VI (Chapter 4)


Tutorial 2009, V2.10
- A table (pdf) for the replacement of samples for creating Basic Presets with SE-Libraries.
- within Chapter 4 "producing a Basic Preset" loading instructions at Matrix 5 (E0)

Tutorial 2009, V2.00
- Chapter 14 MIR

Tutorial 2009, V1.50
- Lightbox
Pictures extend no more in a new popup but in front of the current tutorial page.
This is could be a very comfortable service for reading the tutorial more quickly.
Hope you see this feature as comfort as well.
A further click reduce them back to originally size.
Unfortunately, some Browsers are not able to bring the big sized pictures in front of the video plugin which you will find in some chapters.
Hope to be able to fix that in a next update.
- Detailed Instruction: "How can I find my Suite Presets"
- Example of X-Fading: A Demo with the Vienna Choir, incl. Midi file
- Direct Video-Links VSL Videos, corresponding to the current Text for VI and VE

Tutorial 2009, V1.20
- Expanded "Chapter VE"
- Translation of "Audio Interface "
- Some smaller corrections (text)

Tutorial 2009, V1.10
1st Version in English (December 2009)
(Same contents as the German Version 1.1)

Tutorial 2009, V1.0
1st Version in German (November 2009)

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