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About me

As a music producer, I can offer you years of experience... audio mixing/mastering

For over 10 years I was a demo producer for the company "Vienna Symphonic Library".
The skills in mixing and mastering samples collected over many years will also benefit you when mixing your "real" recording!
- Listen here / - See here / - See the videos / - See at VSL / - Tutorial "Music with Samples" a musician

I play the violin, the viola, electric bass, the soprano, alto & tenor saxophones. During 12 years I played in a string quartet. I played for 4 years the E-bass in a big band. I took classical (solo) singing lessons for over 5 years. ...
- Sopran-Sax (Kaufmann + Synthesizer)
- Alto Sax (Kaufmann + Samples --> G.F. Händel)
- Singing (Excerpts Kaufmann + Samples of VSL / Synthesizers) a composer & an arranger

I am also active as a composer and arranger, wrote many arrangements and playbacks for various ensembles.
- Flight in the Clouds (comp)
- "Sample Marsch" (comp)
- Bach Dm-Fuge (arr.) recording sounds

Tonstudio Createc - In the early 80s I made first sound recordings with a Dolby system, a Revox A77, and a Jecklin disc and a few stereo microphones. Today digital sound transmission from the stage via fibre optics to the recording equipment, 64-channel multi-track technology and mixing in the recording studio...
Benefit from the many years of experience behind this - for example in the Mixing Tutorial.

- Recording examples
- Concert Videos Example 1/ Example 2 / Example 3