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Hi and welcome here!
You will find free Tutorials for VSL-Products and other helpful things such as Presets for several PlugIns and DAWs.
This can help to increase your abilities in producing music with samples.

Below here, some information about the coming up tutorial...

Have fun, yours
Beat Kaufmann

With "orchestra animation" at You Tube A Swiss Song, Arranged for orchestra, played with samples of VSL.
I used the Hybrid-Reverb for creating the depths.

Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra"

Image, out of the new Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra"

There are hundreds of "Mixing Videos" in the net and you also can find lots of books about this theme. But the tips are often far away from your situation because...

All those tutorials are about mixing drums, vocals or guitar - but never about mixing orchestras played with samples.

This Tutorial is going to mix the Audiotracks of two different orchestras.

The Tutorial will show you "Mixing an Orchestra" 1 : 1 with two examples:
1) J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 11, final Chorus for a baroque orchestra
2) B. Kaufmann: Hymn, for a symphonic orchestra, choir and band (piano, drums, etc.)

- You will get all the necessary audio tracks.
The Tutorial shows how to mix with common effects (reverb, EQ, compressors)
- The Tutorial will show every single step (how to start - till the final result).
- The Tutorial tells the theory and the practice.
- The Tutorial gives you images of used effects, audio examples.
- The Tutorial gives you all the knowledge around the used effects.
- The Tutorial will offer exercises in connection with the used effects.
- The Tutorial will show you "how to optimize your listening situation".
...and much more.

Languages / Sprachen: Deutsch / English

Soon more information

Unfortunately the release of the new tutorial will be later than originally announced. I'm very sorry for this bad message. Because I am a self-employed business man I often have a bit too much "daily-works" so side projects - as the tutorial is - grow slower than the main stream. Now I hope, that the Christmas Days will help the tutorial for making a big step forward.
I see a new possible release time in the end of 2016.
In addition to the main theme "mixing an orchestra" the tutorial will get also a section which explains all the important and used effects - including some exercises for each effect so that you will learn a better use of it in general. All this needs time - my spare time - which unfortunately is very limited as mentioned above. So “it obviously will take time to do a thing well” even if I still want believe it with my 56 years. I wish you all the best and some more patience. Thanks a lot!

Leider verzögert sich das publizieren des Tutorials. Das tut mir sehr leid. Als Selbständiger wird man leider oft vom Tagesgeschäft "verschluckt". Dann müssen solche Nebenprojekte leider hinten anstehen. Nun hoffe ich, dass das Tutorial über die Weihnachtstage einen grossen Schritt nach vorne machen kann.
Als neuen Veröffentlichungstermin sehe ich ENDE 2016.
Während der Herstellung des Tutorials wurde mir auch klar, dass mehr Informationen und ein paar Übungen zu den verwendeten Effekten nötig sind, so dass diese verstanden werden und effizient eingesetzt werden können. Heisst, das Tutorial wird etwas umfangreicher ausfallen, als ursprünglich geplant. Also: "Gut Ding will Weile haben" scheint halt doch zu stimmen - auch wenn ich das immer wieder nicht wahrhaben will. Deshalb bitte ich weiterhin um Geduld! Herzlichen Dank fürs Verständnis!

Beat Kaufmann

The Tutorial "VSL" has been written some years ago. Of course, I always updated it. Nevertheless, people of VSL expand the Libraries and also publish new products. So the subject Music Production with Samples is a more complex matter than ever. Think about the professional use of MIR... it would need a tutorial itself.

The Problem
Unfortunately it is not possible for me to expand the VSL Tutorial for all of these growing new themes. Further: The company offers a lot more videos together with the products nowadays.

I discontinue the updating-process of Tutorial VSL. This takes effect immediately. But: As long as the use of the samples together with the player is the same as it is written in Tutorial VSL it will be available.
Currently it still is a great help specially for beginners - now and in the close future for sure. Nevertheless, I reduced the price from 38EUR down to 25EUR. Hope you can understand my side, thanks!

February 2015
Beat Kaufmann

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