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E) You can find here all the neceassary files for working with
Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra" >>> see at "Soon"

D) Hier finden Sie alle Dateien für das Arbeiten mit dem
Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra" >>> sehen Sie unter "Soon"

Not complete yet - it is just a preview.


Arranger with the 17 Audi-Files

17 Audio-files for Jurassic-Park-Excerpt / 17 Audiodateien für Jurassic-Park-Beispiel
24Bit, 44,1kHz, *.wav [97.343 KB]
(The zip-File includes an image of my mixer-layout)
(Das zip-File enthält ein Mixerbild meines Prokts)

All 17 Audio Files without any effect...

My Mix with the Audio-Files

The Original Soundtrack


You get these tracks.

23 Audio-files for BWV 11 / 23 Audiodateien für BWV 11
24Bit, 44,1kHz, *.wav (380MB) (290MB)

J.S.Bach, Cantata BWV 11, Final Chorus - a possible mix...

Virtual Stage for this mix... ... and the belonging mixer

Demo of each Depth...

This is an excerpt of a famous Bach Violin Concertos.
You get the first 2 minutes:

1st Violins
2nd Violins

Small Organ

Each Instrument comes as a Stereo-File 44,1kHz/24 Bit (wav). ...Ready for a nice Mix.
Download: (260MB)

In my coming up Mixing Tutorial I will explain my mix in detail.
I will show the mastering process as well of course.

This is my mix and after the mastering process...

This was the "real recorded REFERENCE"