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Hello and welcome here!
You will find free tutorials for VSL products and other helpful things about orchestral music and samples.

The "Mixing an Orchestra" tutorial is now available! It helps to finally achieve a good mix with orchestra samples, explains incidentally all important effects... Continue reading...

Have fun, yours
Beat Kaufmann

Now available / Nun erhältlich...

With "orchestra animation" at You Tube A Swiss Song, Arranged for orchestra, played with samples of VSL.
I used the Hybrid-Reverb for creating the depths.

There are hundreds of "Mixing Videos" in the net and you also can find lots of books about this theme. But the tips are often far away from your situation because...
All those tutorials are about mixing drums, vocals or guitar - but never about mixing orchestras, played with samples.

This is why I currently published the tutorial...

"Mixing an Orchestra"

>>>Click for more Information ...there is a new Website
>>>Klicken Sie für Infos dazu gibt eine Neue Website auch in (D)

The sale of Tutorial VSL is discontinued with the appearance of the tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra".

It will be revised. All chapters related to "Audio-Mixing" will be deleted.
Then, the tutorial will be expanded with new material around the new synchronous libraries from VSL.

The new tutorial "Using-VSL-Libraries" will show, practice and apply the clever handling of samples in a DAW.
The new release is scheduled for mid-2019.

July 2018
Beat Kaufmann

Der Verkauf von Tutorial VSL ist mit Erscheinen des Tutorials "Mixing a Orchestra" eingestellt worden.

Es überarbeitet.
Alle mit "Audio-Mixing" verbundenen Kapitel werden gelöscht. Dann wird das Tutorial um neues Material rund um die neuen synchronen Bibliotheken von VSL erweitert.

Das neue Tutorial "Using-VSL-Libraries" zeigt, übt und wendet die clevere Handhabung von Samples in einer DAW an.
Die Neuerscheinung ist auf Mitte 2019 geplant.

Juli 2018
Beat Kaufmann

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