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§ 1 Subject of Terms and Conditions
These General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between Createc Beat Kaufmann, hereinafter "Createc", and the customer within the scope of software distribution and acquisition via the systems of cleverbridge, for the procurement of licensed software.

§ 2 Validity of Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions are valid for all offers, deliveries and services including product and license agreements, excluding any terms and conditions of a customers or contractors.

§ 3 Conclusion of Contract (Offer, Confirmation and Acceptance)
An order placed by a customer is an offer directed to Createc in accordance and acceptance of these terms and conditions. All orders placed by the customer are subject to ultimate acceptance by Createc. Before the order is accepted, an automatic confirmation (webpage or email) for the order is generated. Before this confirmation is generated for the customer, the customer has the opportunity to review the entries made during the order process. These entries may be changed or corrected by the customer during this review opportunity. The generation of an order confirmation does not confirm acceptance of the order by Createc.
The acceptance of the order will be effective and the contract between the customer and Createc will materialize when payment of the total price of the products in review is credited to the account of Createc (PayPal Service). If the software that a customer has purchased is delivered electronically in the form of a download link in order to download the software or service or parts of a software or service from our servers or third parties, this involves a liability to discharge at the domicile of the debtor, as the customer alone decides when and if he will download the software or service from our servers or a third party.

§ 4 Customer warrant
The customer warrants that all fundamental data submitted during the order process reflects the true facts, and that these data are sufficient to fulfil the order. Any surcharges that Createc accrues due to false or inaccurate address information will be born by the customer.

§ 5 Prices
If not stated differently, all prices displayed on the Createc websites are to be understood in the respective currency. Prices may vary with currency fluctuations; Createc may also conduct price adjustments from time to time. All typing errors and miscellaneous errors may result in alterations of price. If not declared otherwise, all prices are to be understood include applicable VAT.
The customer agrees to the price displayed at the time of purchase.
Payments have to be made before delivery by way of the payments offered on the website.
If not stated differently in writing other than in these terms and conditions, the payment has to be made in full regardless of claims due to short delivery or product deficiencies.

§ 6 Payment by PayPal
The customer can pay with the world wide PayPal service.
Pay with VISA, Mastercard, (Credit Card), Bank Accaount, PayPalBalance, PayPal Plus Credit Card, PayPal Buyer Credit
(It depends on the country)

§ 7 Granting of Rights
Upon receiving full payment, the customer is granted a permanent, simple use right of the software he has ordered. The scope of the customer´s simple use right only covers the extent to which the developer of the software has previously authorized Createc to grant the use rights to the program. The scope of the use right of the customer maybe viewed in the manufacturer notification, which accompanies the software or can be retrieved from Createc. The customer has the right to duplicate the software for backup purposes if the program was delivered without a backup copy. Every other duplication temporarily or permanently in whole or in part on any medium is not admitted. The customer is also prohibited to translate, edit, arrange or to revise the program as well as duplicating the results achieved. The customer may not resell the use right to the software acquired.

§ 8 Product Liability
The customer will inspect the software received from Createc immediately upon receipt for any defects. This inspection will generally be completed within 14 days. In order to maintain his warranty rights; the customer must notify Createc of visible defects in the software in writing within 14 days of receiving the software. In case of the product being a software, Createc does not accept any liability and is not liable for the software complying with the specific requirements or operating systems of the customer or any hardware components and configurations of the customers systems nor the compatibility of the systems with the purchased software. Any liability regarding changes made to the product by the customer or third parties or improper use or maloperation of the product is explicitly excluded from these terms and conditions. Createc does not accept any liability for the loss of data or damages done to the systems due to the use of the product.

§9 Claims for damages
Claims for damages are excluded from these terms and conditions. Createc in general is not liable for and loss of data, loss of profit and other pecuniary loss of the customer resulting from the use of the product purchased by the customer.

§10 Disclaimer for end customers
Order placed by a customer may be cancelled according to the rights of withdrawal.
If you got the Password Keys you don't have the possibility to cancel the purchase in case of downloadable software.