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The Steps of Purchasing

Step 1 Purchase by selecting a product above. You need to be registered at "" for this.
If you already have an account then LogIn with your e-mail address and your password.
Without an account: Register with your datas > following the assistent for this >>> more information

Step 2 If you have done the ordering process at "" press "Submit Payment now".
You will be connected with PayPal automatically.
Pay the ordered product with one of the possibilities offered by PayPal (Depends on your country).
May be you have to register at PayPal as well... >>> more information

Step 3 After paying at PayPal:
Open "
My Account " here at and go to "Digital Goods" for downloading the product...
or in case of the tutorials...
...for downloading a PDF-Document. This Document contains the keys (User- and Pass-Word) for entering into the "Download-Page".

Step 4
In case of getting a pdf with a user- and a password...
Click here at "Shop" on "Download Products".
Select the product you have purchased and LogIn with the User- and Pass-Word which you will find on the pdf (just downloaded).
Download the purchased product(s).